A New April 24

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Growing up an Armenian in the Diaspora, one appreciates the gravity of April 24th early on in life. This, the date that a large number of Armenian intellectuals and leaders were heartlessly wrenched from society and slaughtered as the inception event of the Armenian Genocide in the year 1915 by The Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire—not to be confused with the insidiously named "The Young Turks" of the deceptive Cenk Uyger clan, who are falsely rewriting history. It becomes a defining point of your identity to commiserate with fellow Armenians on this day, year after year, in mass demonstrations and protests. Some even proclaim that “our wounds are still open” harking on the cruelty of world powers not to universally recognize crimes against humanity. Whether painting murals in commemoration or hanging flags atop buildings demonstrating “we are still here and the likes of Uyger have failed," there has always been a petulant resistance identified with the April 24th movement, the burning engagement that has kept the story alive.

Flash forward to the year 2018, when protests in the motherland drew crowds unfathomable at home and contagious in solidarity, abroad. The Armenian people stepped out of the historical shadows with conviction and took bold steps forward in the present, breaking free of their yolks, and establishing a new norm for tomorrow. The Armenian spirit lifted up like a flock of geese, soaring high and free like an eagle. Our brothers and sisters across the globe beamed into the light, change became, and our wounds were open no more. We Carpe Diem'ed it like nobody's business this year, and for that, we are empowered.

In the days ahead, it is understandable that the shear joy espoused by our brethren translates into street-dancing and flag-waving. What more can one do than pour into the streets in celebration of a peaceful revolution? But the Armenian people now move into the next chapter—that of delivering actionable solutions for the Armenian Family, the Armenian State, the Armenian Diaspora, and finally, the World as a whole. Leading this new world are the brilliant Armenian youth who are taking charge and making a difference in the world. This April 24, it is not enough to take to the streets in protest. It is much more befitting to reflect on one's own strengths and weakness, and devise a plan to contribute something great to this world. It is exceedingly easy to ignore the inconsequential, so go forth with determination and resolve, make a difference, create vibrant communities, challenge yourself and others. Carry on in the spirit of the Fidayis every single day with every breath and enrich the spaces that you inhabit.

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Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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