Why I chose healthcare…

Some people ask why I spend so much time “working”? The answer is simple, because it’s not work when you love what you do.

Today I experienced something that goes beyond any teaching in a book.From time to time I have the privilege to go rounding with Dr. Avanes at the hospital, and while each time has it’s own unique experience, I’ll never forget tonight.

Why i’m grateful to God that I’ve landed at Harmony Health MD is exactly reflected in this experience I’m about to share…

While visiting one of our elder patients admitted to the ER for a possible stroke, who at the point had lost the ability to speak due to the illness, along with loss of mobility on one side of the body, I truly realized why I’ve chosen to be in healthcare and ESPECIALLY at Harmony Health MD.

According to the spouse, the patient hadn’t spoken or eaten in days.

Spending over an hour with them, even after a full day at the clinic, a meeting and rounds at 2 hospitals, not to mention the countless hours of charting he is probably still doing right now, the genuine compassion, care, and communication Dr. Avanes expressed really taught me a lesson tonight. I stood in the corner fighting back tears, observing this interaction. While Dr. Avanes, sitting bedside, having one of the most difficult conversation a Dr. can have with a patient, discussing the options, which would either prolong the patients life, or give the patient comfort as the patient reconnects with God, all I could think of was “this is why I chose to be here, in Healthcare.” Every single patient holds a place in my heart. The true reward in this field is not about the dollar as one might think, actually it’s the footprints we leave in other people’s lives, the footprints they leave in our lives, and the positive impact we are able to make in this crazy world of Healthcare.

At Harmony Health MD every single patient is like family, believe it or not. Both Dr. Avanes and Dr. Carapiet truly take compassion to a new level.

Tonight was special for me.

Life is precious.

Be the change you’d like to see.

We are all children of the world, so be KIND to one another as we only have each other.

#HHMD4Life #compassion #care #communication

Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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