Harmony's Big Move

Harmony's Big Move summarizes the move from 3600 down to 3217 and introduces the new company vision


Happy Hump Day Harmony! This entry marks a new beginning for #hhmd. As y'all know, we moved from 3600 to 3217 N Verdugo last year, but one of our prized possessions remained at the old building this entire time. Guess what? Now it's back home at Harmony headquarters.  It may not seem like much at first glance, but this sign represents the single longest historical storyline that belongs to our practice. It was there on Day One, when we saw our first three patients five years ago and it was there on the last day, when we parted ways with 3600, #sadface.  Soon after, those who would frequent the #spaceship building (aka 3600) near Montrose saw the sign come down and get replaced. For a time, it was not clear whether we had lost our monumental anchor piece. Then, as fate would have it, we discovered that the sign was resting peacefully in the deep lairs of the old building. Months after settling into 3217, Team Harmony embarked on a northbound journey one early spring afternoon, hoping to repatriate the great sign. As with all things #harmony, we would not simply hire a U-Haul or have someone with a van help us--that would be too boring and bland--definitely NOT #harmony. Instead, all team members reported to duty with their big guns (aka buff biceps, not #secondamendment), rolled up their sleeves, and proceeded to walk the sign from 3600 all the way down to 3217.

Today, we are made whole again, our resolve restored, with passion ablaze, and ready to continue the incredible adventure that started nearly five years ago. We all know healthcare is broken, and perhaps it was befitting that #harmony was too, but we have put ourselves back together, we have learned from our mistakes, we have grown stronger, and now, we proceed towards creating the seamless integration of health and wellness. Harmony, I introduce to you, our new team #vision:

At Harmony Health MD, our patients receive care, listening, and attention that helps them
solve their health problems on every level.
Our patients feel cared for.
Our patients feel heard.
Our patients feel loved.
But most importantly, our patients feel healthier in body, mind, and spirit.

#manythanks #muchlove #hhmd4life


Harmony's Big Move Video

Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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