If you are seeing "Stay Home" but not feeling well, what to do?

Hi all, another busy day at the clinic. So far we haven't had to see patients in the morning but these next few days may be an inflection point. A number of the patients we saw today were coming in because they were exposed to someone who has tested positive. It can be nerve-racking to just sit there and wait, knowing that you were exposed to someone with the disease, especially if you develop symptoms. I joke with patients that I've gotten Covid, 19 times in the last two weeks--but by the morning my symptoms are gone. So today was a bit worrisome in that people are going to start coming back with positive results at some point. At Glendale Adventist, there were 12 overnight positive results from the last few days. That's going to start hitting home no matter what some on social media are still saying (only 0.4% mortality?!?!!). And here's a little pushback on one of the popular messages you see from healthcare folks at hospitals and clinics--the, "we have to be here so you stay home" mantra we've been seeing everywhere... I feel like this has the potential for massive misunderstanding. So the patient with oxygen of 64% should have stayed home? Isn't the message supposed to be for people who are going out into social gatherings? I think it's important that we clarify, we don't want you to use your own judgement when you're sick because some people will go in too early and some people too late. The majority of our drive-thru patients don't have a serious case (yet

Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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