The space suit comes out at Drive-Thru Covid Clinic

Something about this jump suit makes it irresistible to wear. When the heck would I have the opportunity to wear one of these costumes and casually stroll down the street without feeling like there are 15 eyes on me at all times?!? Never! It's almost as if Covid-19 has brought out a new sense of innocent inquisitiveness that was once lost. Furthermore, as a consequence of heightened observation tendencies, I've also noticed some other interesting things. For example, the other day I went for a walk around the office, and for a moment it felt as if I were standing in outer space--for just a moment, the whole world went silent. Tonight, I went to pump gas, in what seems like a decade since my last visit to the facility called a gas station. Upon exiting my car, it was as though I stepped foot in the middle of a humid southern summer night with the cicadas fiddling away in the background--except, I was in the middle of Montrose, and it was the sound of crickets, which we never hear in So Cal because there's so much background noise. And it's these hidden treasures that we can now enjoy during #covidtimes Taking it all in, I also became a little sad because I thought of all the people who have been harmed by this pandemic. It was bittersweet that so many are suffering, among other things, the loss of work and wages. An hour earlier I had spoken to my cousin who was the manager at a bustling restaurant/lounge, but he and his crew had all been laid off due to widespread business closures. My heart also dipped for a patient who has become a concurrent grade school teacher and stay-at-home company employee as she tries to juggle between three and four hours of sleep every night. So tonight, Harmony, as we give praise to gas that's $2.93 and envy Australia for the 6-months of free childcare it just granted citizens there overnight, let's all look at the beautiful sky full of stars we have never seen. Let's think of what really matters, our love for one another, our bonds, the connection to a deeper fabric of life. Today's post was not about Covid-19, but rather all the things we could never see despite the fact that they were right here in front of us. Giant Smurf out!

Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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