Meet Our Team



Sela was recruited to Harmony Health MD while serving as care extender at the local hospital after graduating from UCLA. She has been central toward developing a care coordination program that drives the healthcare model at Harmony. For a special place in Sela’s heart, just flash a picture of your cute puppy and you will have an instant admirer. 


Astkhik “Amy” Hakobyan is a medical assistant with an ear for harmony. When she's not taking your blood pressure or following up on your referrals, she's singing along to the songs playing in the reception area. Astkhik performs a delicate balancing act, simultaneously working part-time as a medical scribe and doing research at the Temporal Bone Lab in UCLA's Head and Neck Surgery Department. Fluent in Armenian and English, she is also learning American Sign Language to apply in her future career as an audiologist. To relax, Astkhik enjoys hiking with her dog and baking


Pat” Dilanchian is one of the freshest members of Team Harmony, but her warm personality is already winning over patients and allowing her to make meaningful interpersonal relationships. After graduating from UC Irvine, she knew it would take hard work and dedication to pursue a career in medicine.  However, that is precisely what she aims to do as she gears up to explore her dream of becoming a physician assistant.  Pat is a big hugger and loves working with the team to create a positive environment for patients. When she’s not at the office, Pat is working on her own health and wellness by pumping iron at the gym.


Evana joined Harmony Health MD several years ago after completing undergraduate studies at UC Irvine with aspirations of improving healthcare in our community. Over the years, her perpetual drive for excellence and flair for communication has led the team towards its vision. One of the hardest workers you have ever seen, this young professional now serves as practice manager at Harmony.