Meet Our Team



Sela was recruited to Harmony Health MD while serving as care extender at the local hospital after graduating from UCLA. She has been central toward developing a care coordination program that drives the healthcare model at Harmony. For a special place in Sela’s heart, just flash a picture of your cute puppy and you will have an instant admirer. 


Ani holds the sultry voice at Harmony Health MD. One of the most outgoing members of the team, this young professional will literally slap the cookie out of your hand before she lets you compromise your health with it. Equally tough on disease as soft at heart, Ani lends her unique touch to Team Harmony after obtaining her undergraduate degree at UCLA.



Hiarpi has brought her passion for healthcare to Harmony Health MD after graduating from CSU San Marcos. On a journey towards becoming a clinician, this young professional rarely shies away from sharing her ideas and driving patient care forward. If you love to read or watch movies packed with action, you will find a friend in Hiarpi. 



Evana joined Harmony Health MD several years ago after completing undergraduate studies at UC Irvine with aspirations of improving healthcare in our community. Over the years, her perpetual drive for excellence and flair for communication has led the team towards its vision. One of the hardest workers you have ever seen, this young professional now serves as practice manager at Harmony.