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Harmony Health MD

Primary Care Physician located in Glendale, CA

At Harmony Health MD in Glendale, California, there's a team of providers who give patients the tools necessary for total body health and wellness. Built on a foundation of hope and innovation, there is a sense that each patient deserves the best opportunities to thrive. Values like these guide each team member to create an atmosphere of unity and compassion for patients and the community.

Physicians at Harmony Health MD treat patients with a wide range of health concerns, including acute and chronic medical conditions related to the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and all the other body systems. Mutual healing relationships are at the core of the practice, and the team truly enjoys helping patients navigate toward optimal health.

As a patient, you can expect medical decision-making that is customized and individualized. With an evidence-driven approach, the Harmony Health MD team empowers you to pursue your health goals, and to live a full and satisfying life.


Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Avanes is so attentive and inquisitive about each and every concern. He doesn't jump to bandaid issues, rather offers alternate and thorough tests."

    Sera S.
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    "Dr Avanes is the best. His progressive approach to medicine is refreshing and he is a true visionary to change the approach to patient care. "

    Patricia T.
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    "I've known Dr Avanes for years and like the way he incorporates alternate yet evidence based approach in his practice."

    Allen M.
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    "I consider myself very lucky to have Dr. Avanes as my general practitioner. The level of care by him is beyond measure."

    Mineh H.
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    "Can't over communicate Dr Avanes' follow thru, dedication and tenacity. He is one of the hardest working professionals I know."

    Rose A.