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It’s easy for extra pounds to creep in due to aging, stress, or lifestyle choices. At Harmony Health MD, a physician-supervised weight loss program can help you achieve your ideal body for life. Serving individuals in Glendale, California, the team of primary care doctors provides the tools, resources, and support you need to lose the weight and feel your best. Call the office, or book an appointment online today to talk with the team about your weight loss goals and how they can help you reach them.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why can I not lose weight?

Are you struggling to lose the same 10 pounds over and over again? Has your weight been a constant problem your whole life? Whether you need to lose five pounds or 50 pounds, keeping the weight from coming back is where most people struggle.

Most diet and exercise programs fail to incorporate individual factors based on biology, age, or lifestyle that influence your ability to stay at a healthy weight. Combined with the stressors of the modern world, sedentary work environments, and a lack of time or money, many people struggle to achieve their weight loss goals.

The team at Harmony Health MD believes that successful weight loss is based on a variety of factors: your hormones, your genetics, what you eat, how you exercise, and more.

Losing weight starts with identifying what unique stumbling blocks are keeping you from weight loss, and how to overcome these challenges with a supervised, medically sound approach.

What is included in my weight loss plan?

A successful weight loss plan addresses your individual needs and goals. It starts with a comprehensive medical evaluation, where your physician reviews your health history, your weight loss challenges, and any biological markers that might hinder your weight loss efforts.

You receive a personalized weight loss roadmap, which includes services like:

Diet and exercise planning

A detailed eating plan that accounts for your daily caloric needs, the foods that will support your metabolism, and the type, frequency, and intensity of exercise you need to accomplish each week for best results

IV infusions

High-yield intravenous therapies that serve to repair, replace, and replenish essential nutrients, sustain health, and fight disease.

Vitamin shots

Powerful and concentrated vitamin injections that support metabolic health and energize the body during the acute weight loss phase

Health coaching

One-on-one, personalized sessions with a Harmony Health MD provider to help you problem-solve, plan, and execute your weight loss goals

What results can I expect?

Medically supervised weight loss is far more effective than trying to shed the pounds alone. Actual results depend entirely on your ability to follow through with the program and adhere to your personalized diet plan.

Most patients can expect to lose one to three pounds per week, depending on their weight loss goals. In the long run, slow but sustained weight loss — done the healthy way — enables you to achieve lasting results.

To get started on a personalized weight loss plan today, book a consultation at Harmony Health MD by calling or scheduling your appointment online.