Positive and Interesting things about Covid-19 Lockdown

Dear Harmony, yesterday was a big rant so let me focus on the positive and interesting today.
1. One of our patients was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Yay!!!
2. Aram is a superstar and having him at HHMD is a huge relief!
3. This ship would stall without Evana's undying devotion to its ideals, and for that, we are all indebted!
4. Our team of superstar medical assistants has not flinched in stepping up to the plate and hitting home runs every day since lockdown started!
5. We have secured more coronavirus tests and will continue drive-thru testing from 1-4 pm as more cases are reported in LA.
Now for the interesting...
6. We've practically crushed the seasonal FLU, with national specimens testing positive going down from 7.3% last week to 2.1% this week. Hoorah!
7. California has the lowest spread of FLU this week, along with Delaware and Rhode Island. It's virtually going to be gone by next week. Go Cali!
8. If we had a national registry for all to input their temperatures twice daily, it would be very easy to investigate patterns and formulate responses--something to consider moving forward.
9. Virtual shopping would be an ideal scenario for the future with curbside pickup and videotaped sessions to boost consumer confidence.
10. With dramatic social isolation at play, California has been able to take great leaps in the last few weeks. This week is an inflection point so take social distancing and isolation especially seriously! Wear masks, wash hands and avoid touching your face. Let's get 10 of your friend to do the same! Let's beat this thing together, apart. Let's use excellent covid hygiene 24/7! #manythanks #muchlove #hhmd4life

Dr. Emil Avanes Physician Director at Harmony Health MD

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